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A new brand identity for the Rocks Markets


The Rocks Markets first launched 31 years ago, back then it was a central hub of trade and community to its residents. Over the years this perception has changed, and its offering became much more centred around the tourist footfall it attracted. In a post-COVID world the precinct has started to make good head way in repositioning itself as a social village for Sydneysiders, but the markets are still perceived as touristy and lacking authenticity.

The goal is to switch this current perception and make it the most iconic, sustainable and ethical artisan market in Sydney, developing it as a strong driver for Sydneysiders and visitors alike.


When it’s not enough to be known for what you sell, how do we reveal the ‘why’ and the emotion behind The Rocks Markets?


The New Rocks Market is a perfect expression of our provenance.

The transformation of The Rocks Markets into a vibrant and authentic destination began with a focus on positioning the market as a place of depth and historical richness. Beyond being a traditional marketplace, The Rocks Markets aimed to embody the spirit of a captivating “one-stop shop” that offered experiences extending far beyond shopping. By integrating elements such as parks, museums, pubs, and artisan stalls, a multifaceted environment was curated to cater to the diverse interests of both locals and visitors.

A comprehensive transformation encompassing the market’s visual identity, experiential components, and brand guidelines.

The goal was to create an immersive and captivating atmosphere that deeply resonated with visitors’ senses. Through a carefully curated narrative, The Rocks Markets came alive, weaving stories that connected people with its rich history, the fascinating tales of its vendors, and the unique essence that defined its soul. This story-led approach fostered an immersive experience, inviting visitors to forge meaningful connections and engage with the market on a profoundly personal level.

Through this approach of depth, historical richness, and creative storytelling, The Rocks Markets captivated visitors and locals alike, providing an extraordinary experience that transcended the boundaries of a traditional marketplace. With its transformed visual identity, immersive experiential components, and strategic promotion, The Rocks Markets emerged as a vibrant, authentic, and irresistible destination, beckoning all to explore, connect, and create unforgettable memories.


The platform was launched in March 2023 via a national, integrated campaign.

This campaign was strategically executed across various touchpoints, including digital, social, and OOH channels, and it was accompanied by new brand guidelines to support the new creative approach.

The platform invigorated the Rocks, bringing in high foot traffic and engaging new visitors into the historic neighbourhood.

The lively photography and colour schemes utilised in the artwork stood out in amongst the markets and were highly complimented by the local vendors within The Rocks.

As a result, the final execution perfectly conveyed the vibrant, joyful experience witnessed in The Rocks Markets. Providing a fresh, original take on the popular precinct.


  • 23% YOY increase in footfall for the entire precinct in April – Contributed to by The Rocks Markets
  • 42% boost in website sessions reaching 83K+
  • 36% of website views were made up by The Rocks Markets in April
  • 2.5M+ impressions & 258K+ engagements achieved across Facebook and Instagram
  • 46% average open rate scored for email marketing
  • 6K+ page views on Timeout Sydney
  • 3K+ page views and 19K+ video views on Concrete Playground
  • Successful repositioning of The Rocks Markets as a vibrant community-centric market

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