HSBC Australia – ‘Open Doors’ Home Loan Campaign

It’s never just a house, it’s your foundation to build wealth.


We helped HSBC, a challenger to the challengers in one of the fiercest battlegrounds in Australian finance – home loans – do the brave thing:

Sell more home loans by not talking about home loans.


When banks talk about buying a property, how could we help affluent Australians realise that HSBC is the best partner to help you build wealth through property?


HSBC prides itself on its ability to help customers see the world differently and realise untapped opportunities.

Such as the fact our homes are where both memories and wealth are made, and that the decisions we make in property today influence the quality of life we – and our kids – will lead tomorrow.

This shifted HSBC’s focus from selling home loans to selling the strategic use of property to drive long-term wealth outcomes – starting with a home loan. Because it’s never just a house, it’s your foundation to build wealth.


  • 170 direct leads per day during the campaign period
  • +151% increase in total direct settlement value
  • 76% of all direct loans were from refinancing
  • +8% YoY portfolio growth in affluent customers
  • 74% prompted brand awareness
  • 13% home loan consideration

Exceeding targets and driving marketing efficiencies
After just 2.5 months in market, HSBC were already way ahead of targets. Consequently, a decision was made to pause the campaign and reallocate an additional $3 million in planned media spend to other business units.

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