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Haleon has recognised our attitudes towards managing pain are changing. There is growing awareness of what consumers put into their bodies and the impact it can have. They are delaying pain treatment or seeking alternative therapies to manage pain.

Panadol as the category leader in pain relief is bringing the best of two worlds together (nature & science) in its PanaNatra range. Their aim is to accelerate pain relief category growth and create a new ‘naturals’ sub-category led by Panadol.


When the efficacy of natural products has been diluted by overuse of the term, how do you reveal the real power of natural ingredients?


There’s a lot of noise around naturals in market across a range of categories. At best, they’re positioned as a slightly ‘better for you’ version of something that already exists. At worst, they’re a scam with little to no proof of efficacy. The result – consumer understanding of naturals is confused.

We are targeting young adults (women 25-44) open to naturals. A growing segment of these people are growing increasingly conscious about products that go into their body, so they are looking for natural yet effective ways to help them manage their pain.

Ongoing pain changes your nature, let nature help restore it with a new range of naturally derived plant-based actives that work as hard as you do.

A new kind of pain relief pushing off the perceptions of the type of people who opt for natural products.


WHO SAID NATURAL CAN’T BE TOUGH? Launched across TV, OLV, OOH, online and Social. The launch campaign kicked off in April 2023 and running through end of July 2023.

Haleon aims to create mass awareness of PanaNatra, taking position as leaders of the pain-relief category by positioning PanaNatra as a complement to their pain relief repertoire, to broaden the potential for care.

We nailed the #1 natural consumer barrier and scepticism: efficacy and trust with our link to Panadol – the key barrier for Natural products.

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