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amaysim are the 4th largest telco in Australia with over 1.2m customers, offering a range of easy-to-understand and great value prepaid plans. They have high customer satisfaction and have won multiple industry awards – including WhistleOut’s mobile provider of the year, Finder’s best prepaid mobile provider, and Canstar’s outstanding value award. Their brand is about value to the core.

But to most Australians it’s just seen as one of the cheap, and therefore inferior, options. To grow, they needed to make a shift – from being seen as cheap, to being famous for value.

They’ve placed ‘Affordable Freedom’ at the forefront of their value positioning to inspire the brand’s ongoing mission to liberate customers from the typical drawbacks associated with the telecommunications industry. Our task was to bring it to life.


When the constraints of big telco are invisible at best and accepted at worst, how can amaysim inspire more Australians to embrace the freedom of mobile affordability?


You don’t know just how good amaysim is until you try it. The feeling that knowing nothing will get in the way of you and what you want to do with your phone. There’s even a word for it. It feels amaysim. We want everyone to feel it.

Go on, feel amaysim is a tongue-in-cheek dramatization of the liberation you feel when the constraint of affordability is removed from telco. The campaign showcases everyday Australians joyously expressing their freedom by confidently moving through city streets in their underwear. This daring, high-energy campaign stands out from conventional telco advertising, inviting you to make a break and feel the difference for yourself.

This creative platform was launched in June 2023 via a national, integrated campaign.


‘Go on, feel amaysim’ has just launched in market. Watch this space…

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