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Take in the Salty South Coast

We've all missed the open road these past few months


Volvo's recovery roadtrip

For those with the freedom to move again, our towns desperatly need us to visit.

Plan your next roadtrip: Help Australia get back on track

Roadtrips are integral to the Australian way of life. We’re people who love exploring new places and trying new things. So it goes without saying we’ve missed the open road these past few months. Now we can move a bit more freely, our towns need us to visit. Eat. Stay. And explore.

By taking a Recovery Roadtrip, you’ll be helping townspeople around Australia rebuild after the devastating impact bushfires and coronavirus have had on local economies. Do it for yourself and the community, but remember to put your safety first.

Before going a drive, always check for the lastest COVID updates in your state. An d keep a safe distance between you and others. By social distancing you’ll be helping to take care of your family and those around you.

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