WWF – Nature Needs Your Nurture


In the ongoing aftermath of the 2019-2020 bushfires, Australian nature needs our help like never before. WWF’s Regenerate Australia program is designed to provide this help – protecting, restoring, and future-proofing our unique wildlife and ecosystems. But it needs Australia to get behind it to give it the best chance of success.


How do you enlist a nation to help its vulnerable wildlife and ecosystems when its relationship with nature has been disrupted and weakened over time?


We set out to inspire Australians to act on their better nature as Australians with a campaign built around a powerful call to arms: Australian nature needs your Australian nature.

Grounded in animal point-of-view, the launch film key depicts key projects within WWF’s Regenerate Australia programme – framing each as an expression of the national identity we can harness in order to help.

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