Westfield Christmas – The Magic of Believing

Protecting the magic of Christmas


As Australia and New Zealand’s number one retail destination, Westfield plays a huge role in the Christmas experience of our customers. Westfield’s ongoing mission is to ensure it continues to be a magical experience year after year.

With inflation and cost of living on the rise, grocery prices up 10%, a housing crisis and an impending sense of recession, in 2023, magic couldn’t have felt further away.


When it feels like life is at its toughest, how can we encourage people to still believe in the magic of Christmas?


Christmas is so much more than stunning decorations, festive lights, delicious food and the man in the big red suit. Christmas is a time when we can believe in something a little extra, a time of year filled with love and connection. That’s the true magic of Christmas.

Our platform positioned Westfield as the protectors of Christmas Magic. We upheld the belief, so you could be free to find the magic of the season.


As a platform, it gave us permission to believe in the all the things that give us joy and hope and positioned Westfield as more than just the home of Christmas, but a place to find all the beauty in its true meaning.


The platform was launched in November 2023 and resulted in an increase in foot traffic and NPS score from 2022. We also saw positive customer feedback around the ambience and festive spirit of Westfield.






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