Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – The Ele-Tee & Garzi

Case Study The Ele-tee & Garzi


Sheldrick Wildlife trust is one of the planet’s most pioneering conservation organisations. Yet the elephants it protects are sliding towards extinction. It needs funds to continue its operations rescuing, rehabilitating and protecting elephants and their habitats in East Africa. But it also needs to educate the world about the complex and wide-ranging reasons why these beautiful creatures are dying, from poaching to habitat destruction and climate change.


How can you create a charming product that drive a new revenue stream but inspires understanding of the elephants’ slide towards extinction?


The Ele-tee – the world’s most adorable t-shirt that immerses children in the issues facing elephants.

It’s an adorable elephant-shaped t-shirt that unlocks an original animated short film about Garzi the elephant that sheds light on the causes of the African elephant’s slide towards extinction.

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