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Helping the next generation of Australians be more successful with money


86 400 became a part of the NAB group in 2021, merging with NAB’s ubank division to develop a market-leading digital bank.

A development to bring the established footprint of ubank together with the innovation and technical capability of 86 400.

whiteGREY was tasked to create a ‘brand proposition’ to bring to life the brand, re-launch and re-position the ubank brand against scaled acquisition goals.

ubank is on a mission to help Aussies become more successful with money.


When we think of money as something we have (or don’t have), how can we position ubank as the platform that gives you the power and confidence to turn money into something you do?


ubank wants to make the next generation of Australians more successful with money. They want the financial lives of their customers to have real momentum. The kind of momentum that comes from engaging with their money frequently, to create a cumulative outcome.

That’s How You Money was born out of the idea that with ubank, you have the upper hand with money every single day. The upper hand that enables momentum.
Our audience are smart, capable, hungry to learn and do more with their money. So, it makes sense that product and experience are intrinsic to the brand. We have to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Evidence of ubank’s smart and innovative tech, and effortless experience make it a tangible promise.
In July 2022 we launched the new brand proposition, through the lens of the products – Spend, Save and Lend – in an integrated two phased campaign, with the objective of increasing brand preference and driving aggressive customer growth.

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