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Making small websites and promotional websites easy.


Many businesses have a need for small websites for a range of reasons, including:

  • To market themselves
  • For ad-hoc campaigns where the main company/brand website is inflexible or difficult to update
  • For competitions and promotions
  • A virtual queuing system to manage social distancing
  • A quick & easy survey tool

To cater for these needs, whiteGREY developed a Small Website Engine, which enables quick and cost-effective delivery of simple website solutions.


Our Small Website Engine delivers a range of common:

  • Functionality,
  • Content types, and
  • Layouts

We have created four product sub-types:

  • Content only websites to market your business or support ad-hoc campaign needs
  • Promotional/Competition websites with single or multi-stage entry forms to support a range of common promotion/competition types
  • Virtual queuing system that enables people to enter a ‘virtual queue’ when they enter a physical space (e.g. sampling experience/activation) that has limits on capacity or requires waiting your turn to participate, and
  • Mass sampling survey tool to collect quick feedback

You provide your logo, branding guidelines, content and requirements, and our team our team will take care of the rest to create a simple, clean and easy to use digital solution that has the consumer experience at its heart.


Children’s Panadol was planning to run a shopper marketing promotion that gave a free eBook to people who bought selected products, from specific retailers, during the campaign period.

whiteGREY used our Small Website Engine to develop a promotional microsite to support the Children’s Panadol promotion.

The website enabled people to enter their personal details and upload a copy of their receipt. We used AI to scan the receipts and validate that:

  • One of the products in the promotion was purchased,
  • During the promotional time period.
  • At one of the participating retailers, and
  • That the receipt was valid.

Upon successful receipt validation, the participant was automatically given a unique code and link to Booktopia to select an eBook of their choice to download.

This solution automated what could otherwise have been a very manual process, and delivered a very user friendly entry mechanic for people participating in the promotion.

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