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Case Study Return with Aloha


Hawaiian Airlines is an amazing airline, and Hawaii a fabulous destination. On face value, engaging prospective travellers, creating a preference for Hawaiian and ultimately, increasing bookings, should be easy. Yet, we have low brand awareness, relatively low spend and we’re also a challenger to the large, well-established local carriers and their compelling functional and emotional attributes


How do we become the airline of choice travelling to Hawaii, when we’re a challenger brand flying to our own home?


The overriding feeling we got from the locals when we went to Hawaii was something special. The caring, open approach to life is something powerful – it’s clear that the paradise found in Hawaii is found in the people of Hawaii. We knew we needed to sell the airline by celebrating what makes them and their home special.

It’s not the fleet, the destinations or a price. The people of Hawaiian Airlines is what makes it unique. The Aloha Spirit is something you can only feel when you fly Hawaiian. But Aloha is meaningless. It’s meaningless because Australians and New Zealanders have never felt the true meaning of Aloha. Misused and misappropriated by brands, it has lost its meaning. And there lies the opportunity.

The Return with Aloha platform is a mission to reclaim Aloha by sharing it’s true meaning to our guests. May they feel it, live it and return home with it.

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