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Reclaiming An Iconic Australian Moment By Turning L & P Plates Into Plates Of Fried Chicken


Red Rooster had launched its fried chicken range, which was getting fantastic feedback from customers for its taste and crunchiness. Unfortunately not enough people were aware of the new product range, and therefore sales and footfall weren’t increasing as much as hoped.

We needed to give more young people a reason to try us. We needed to become famous for our Fried Chicken.


How can Red Rooster become famous for fried when fried occasions are happening behind closed car doors?


In Australia, getting your driver’s license is a bloody big deal – an Australian rite of passage about 200,000 Aussie girls and guys go through this every year. But guess where new Aussie drivers go as soon as they get their licence? The McDonald’s drive thru. This is so entrenched that it even has a name: The Macca’s Run.
Say G’day to PLATE UP – an idea that diverts new drivers to Red Rooster by turning their L & P plates into actual plates of free fried chicken! Every month, for the rest of the year.
PLate Up reclaims a rite of passage for Australia’s original fast food restaurant and builds brand loyalty by being part of one of their first driving experiences. All they had to do was simply enter the code PPLATE in the Red Rooster loyalty app.
And because we don’t do things by half (unless it’s a half chicken of course), we partnered with the NRMA to include those long-suffering parents and instructors in the passenger seat too. Because, they’ve earned it.


In the first 4 weeks of the PLate Up campaign with only $90k media spent, we’ve seen over 12,000 sign-ups, which is an 85% increase vs same time last year. These new sign ups have a lifetime value of $800,000.


With these numbers, PLate Up is on track to divert 54% of all those new drivers into Red Rooster car parks & drive thru’s over the next 9 months, creating a whole new audience for our fried chicken, and delivering a potential $7.2 million in lifetime value.


An Australian rite of passage is heading back to where it belongs.
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