Powershop are proudly Australia’s greenest power company.


As Australia’s greenest power company, Powershop is dedicated to creating the energy future the world needs. From 100% Carbon offset power, to renewable generation and coral restoration, Powershop was a solution for a nation that believes in climate change and desired action. However, we’re constantly being let down by the politics of a traditional and coal-based energy conversation – a conversation that stifles change and enabled the biggest energy providers to capture over 75% of the market share. When it came to energy, Australians needed a brand prepared to lead it into the future of energy.


How do we enable Australian’s to shift from belief to action in an environment where a lack of true leadership in stills doubt and apprehension?


From Enviro bags to hybrid cars, we feel good when we know we’re doing something positive for the world. However our energy isn’t typically considered as something we can take pride in.

Unless you’re with Powershop.

The Power You Can Be Proud Of platform enables Australians to shift from a belief in something better, to taking action in their everyday lives that leads to positive change.

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