Powershop Performance Marketing


Making people proud of their choice in energy provider


As a challenger brand, Powershop’s objective was to drive heightened awareness and aggressive share of market growth.

Through digital and performance, this meant a smart approach to the full marketing funnel, finding efficiencies over the long-term while hitting short term daily growth targets.


How can Powershop grow in a static market, when we’re consistently being outspent by bigger companies and those with deeper pockets.


whiteGREY doubled down on Powershop’s main point of difference – the fact that Powershop was Australia’s greenest retail energy provider. We developed a brand platform of ‘power that you can be proud of’ to guide our activity.

We then developed an integrated creative and media process that enabled flexibility, real-time insight and actionable optimisations. By merging creative messaging and digital/performance media channels under a single strategic umbrella, we developed a strategy that spanned the entire marketing funnel.

  1. We defined the roles of each channel within the overall eco-system and across the customer journey.
  2. We developed effective targeting strategies to reach a higher quality of customer who were most likely to switch to Powershop.
  3. We developed key messaging that matched the role of the channel and the context we were reaching the audience in, to ensure we served the right message at the right moment for the customer.
  4. We created a fluid approach to budget forecasting, enabling ease and flexibility of budget spend on a daily basis to capitalise on category/market conditions.

We created an ongoing optimisation and tracking process.


whiteGREY delivered a 48% increase in the number of customers acquisitioned each month, with a 40% reduction in CPA.

This meant that we hit all quarterly targets without exception.

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