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Powershop – Free Power Mode

Powershop needed to challenge the misconceptions around renewable energy being unreliable and expensive.


There is a widespread misconception in Australia that renewable energy is both expensive and unreliable. As Australia’s greenest power company, Powershop needed to show Australians that renewables were a better alternative to coal-fired options.


How do we get people to believe in the power of renewables in a country where coal-fired power dominates the industry and narrative?


A renewable energy giveaway, activated by renewables. Powershop’s renewable wind-based energy was so affordable and abundant that on certain windy days, it could be given away for free. This inspired ‘Free Power Mode’ – a promotion and media approach that was activated whenever the weather determined.

As soon as the wind reached a certain level at Powershop’s windfarms, Powershop, and all of its brand assets in market switched to Free Power Mode to give both new and existing customers free energy for the day. An additional media buy was also triggered by the wind, ensuring as many people as possible could have their perceptions changed for the better.

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