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Turning a trusted brand into a catalyst for care


It’s a small, humble thing, a Panadol. But it’s been in Australian medicine cabinets, glove boxes and drawers for over 60 years. When we’re in pain we ask for one, almost by default. ‘Have you taken a Panadol?’ ‘Where’s the Panadol?’ ‘I’ll get you a Panadol’. Why? Because Australian’s trust Panadol.

But at the Masterbrand level, growth had been flat. Their dependability was starting to be taken for granted. New competitors had aggressively entered the market with big budgets and grandiose claims like ‘World’s #1’. In the Children’s category, Nurofen and Dymadon were stealing a march with strong efficacy and taste claims. Panadol was also facing production and supply challenges that would give those competitors a head start. To maintain their position as market leader, they had to re-connect with Aussie’s and remind them what makes Panadol unique. That we understood what it takes to make pain relief that Australians know and trust.


How can Panadol leverage and crystalise its existing equity within care, to build relevance as the leader in modern pain relief?


We developed a new brand platform ‘Care Starts Here’, which zeroes in on Panadol’s ‘why’. Moving beyond functional benefits, to a space our competitors can’t play – care. Panadol has cared for Aussies for 60-odd years. They have treated every type of pain. They know what it takes to relieve modern, Aussie pain.

And the reason they will always be there with the best products, advice and knowledge is simple: they don’t just relieve pain, they care. Because Panadol acknowledge that pain is beyond just physical, and care goes beyond a pill.

Care starts with relieving pain that holds us back – and that care ripples out so our human spirit shines for ourselves and others. We show Australians the power of care, by enabling them to care with Panadol products and services, and by celebrating carers in our community. By showing the collective benefit of our actions and innovations. Panadol cares for people so they can get on with doing what they need to do: caring for their families, friends, colleagues, passions, and of course themselves.


Care Starts Here’ launched across TV, Online Video, OOH and Social and is now a meaningful lens through which Panadol views their entire portfolio – core, sub-brands and even future NPD.

Following the campaign, there were significant gains in the key metrics:

Spontaneous awareness was up 3%,
Consideration was up 6% (to 80%), and
Regular use was up 6% (to 71%).

Panadol became more people’s first choice in pain relief, growing 5%, and top 2 box considerations up 7%; with trust in the brand also growing by 5%.

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