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Nicabate – eCommerce Design


Designing a global pilot D2C ecommerce site for GSK


Nicabate was aiming to become the clear brand of choice for smokers who want to make a positive change.

This required a holistic marketing effort, with particular focus on:

  • Being relatable and approachable,
  • Making it easy to find the most appropriate SKU, and
  • Being more consumer focussed.

Their website was a key part of achieving these objectives, and engaging their key target audiences. The site needed to make it easy for their audience to understand which Nicabate product is right for their needs, and to make purchasing that product easy. It also needed to make Nicabate relatable and helpful through its tone and content.

The existing website needed replacing. It didn’t make the difference between SKUs clear enough; it contained unused and outdated content and was built using technology that was no longer supported.

They had secured funding as a global pilot direct to consumer (D2C) ecommerce site within GSK.


How do you help people make a positive change to their smoking habits, when they’re hesitant because they know there’s a high probability that they will fail?


You simplify the web experience to focus on what is most important to them. We started by getting into the minds of the target audiences to understand their needs, behaviours and pain points. And we did a deep dive into the analytics of the current site to help understand what content they found useful.

This enabled us to build very clear user journeys to support them. Our primary journey started with a new product selector tool that makes it extremely easy to find the most appropriate product for your needs, and to either buy it online or find stockists close to you. This removed the confusion around different formats and strengths.

Our secondary user journeys focused on supporting our audience with practical education and tips to assist with the positive change they were making.

Our content was delivered under a headline of ‘Quitting is bloody hard’, which immediately showed we understood the challenge the audience was facing, and made us relatable.

We significantly reduced the amount of content on the site and moved it from a brochure style site to a direct-to-consumer ecommerce site.

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