GMHBA – Healthier Together

GMHBA are a not-for-profit health insurer that has been looking after the health if their members for over 85 years.


Founded and based in Geelong, GMHBA are a trusted name in regional Victoria, providing great value health insurance to the community for over 85 years. With the many challenges facing the price sensitive PHI category, the brand needed to reinvigorate its ‘Healthier Together’ platform and remind consumers of the value that comes from being with GMHBA.


How do you get people to see the value and importance of their health insurance amidst category uncertainty?


We tell a story of togetherness and value we can all relate too. The ‘Tooth Fairy’ TVC and supporting films shine a light on the value of GMHBA health insurance and working in partnership via the story of two entrepreneurial young boys who figure out they can get better value from the Tooth Fairy if they work together.

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